What is Wooden Puzzle

There is a variety of wooden puzzle that are brain teasers and educational games for all age levels.

Most famous forms of wooden puzzles are the interlocking 3D puzzles and string puzzles.
Chinese made the interlocking 3D wooden puzzle which called Luban Lock or KongMing Lock ( in Chinese) at first, later, Japanese have export those puzzle to the world, and called it as burr puzzle. Burr puzzle is an interlocking 3D puzzle which consisting of symmetrically placed notched wooden sticks. These unit wooden cubes can improve our mathematical skills and brain functioning.
In the history, during the great depression, burr puzzle was most popular as the cheap and easily make. which can be made from scrap wood.
The disentanglement string puzzles were developed in China in the 16th century. The Chinese rings also can increase intelligence as 3D puzzles. The goal of this puzzle is released a wooden object from the strings and loops.


The wooden puzzles have a lot of value as they are handmade from centuries ago by people.
And now, the wooden puzzle has proven to keep the brain activity of an Alzheimer’s patient and prevents from further development of the disease.
because puzzle’s basic shapes provide the ability to control and encourage creativity. and they incorporate real-life skills by defining our motor skills and coordination levels.
Overall, play wooden puzzle can improve our problem-solving techniques and critical thinking

Interlocking Puzzle

Six Part Wood Knot puzze

String Puzzle

wooden rope puzzle

Assembly Puzzles

Solid wooden pyramid Puzzle

Wooden Puzzle Set

wooden natural wood puzzle set