What is wooden games?

As the name itself suggest are the games made out of pure wood or wood with other material. Some of these games are centuries old. There are also many games that disappear from history for so long. But eminent archaeologists all around the world have worked and are currently working untiringly to discover and reveal the rules and unveil the secrets behind these games.


They represent real-life skills. Did you know that ancient rulers clearly observed and analyzed each movement of these wooden board games such as the chess or backgammon to plan and organize war formations and movements? For them, these wooden game were not mere games but a strong strategy to corner their enemies.
These wooden games also enhance one’s problem solving, reasoning, coordinating and interactive skills. For example, wooden games like draughts and checkers require strategic planning. Whereas some other wooden games like Jenga focuses more on the hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and tests one’s endurance level to the extreme.

Wooden games also is a part of a legacy. They can pass on from generations in a family. It is timeless, sturdy, durable and safe.

Wooden games are ageless and will always be. And have been in vogue for over centuries. Even if many modern companies attempt to redesign and remake them in many ways possible, it is a guaranteed fact they will always and always remain classic.

Wooden Game

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