Why wooden toy for kids

Playing with the wooden toy in this day and age of cyberspace may seem like a laughable concept. Because why would you want to play with toys that do nothing, and when you could play with toys that light up, talk, walk and even do your homework for you?

Yes, perhaps the concept of old-school play has gone with the concept of typewriters and pens and papers. But one thing that most people overlook is how wooden toys are very instrumental in the development of children’s minds and bodies. Children are assets to society and productive at work. They are at their most vulnerable during the early years, which is why it is important that they be taught the right things at the onset for them to develop into mature and intelligent individuals

How wooden toy teach kids

In essence, wooden toys teach children all about imagination, creativity, gross motor skills and problem-solving. For the younger ones, it teaches them hand and eye coordination. As well as shape and color recognition and even spatial awareness. This is one reason why a favorite representation of child development comes in the form of wooden building blocks.  Because a child learns better without the distraction of moving lights and noises.

Wooden toy is always classified as traditional. New elements are incorporate in the classic designs to give the wooden toy a modern look. Among the types of wooden toy, you can still see these days. Such as ride-on tricycles and bikes, jigsaw puzzles, pull-along cars and wagons, wooden trains, wooden doll houses, castles etc.

From the start, wooden toy is always credit for encouraging a child’s imagination and sense of adventure. Such as with no way of making it move on its own. A child is forced to use their creativity and make up their own sounds and stories, that feature the wooden toy as the central character. Because it doesn’t run on batteries, the child uses their own force to push and pull the toys, to manipulate them according to their will.

Small Wooden Toy

Baby wooden blocks set, natural beech wood

Big Wooden Toy

children bamboo chalkboard